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Path of Affliction

Path of Affliction is a hard-hitting story about the consequences of stealing a bag full of money from a drug cartel.

Frankie Buccetti worries about getting caught by cops. Prison should be the least of his worries. A million dollars could get him killed.

When a confidential informant gets gunned down in his backwoods mobile home, a small group of deer hunters hear the echoing shots. Instead of calling 911, the humanitarian in the group convinces his friends to follow the screams.

Frankie Buccetti hopes to find survivors, but stumbles upon multiple dead bodies and a duffel bag full of money.

  • What’s the worst that could happen?
  • If Frankie wanted peace and love and freedom, he chose the wrong path.
  • Is Frankie’s path in life set in stone, or can he carve out a plain and smooth road?

Path of Affliction is a fast-paced fictional crime thriller by first-time author, Nick Campanella. This magnetizing book will put you in the boots of a hard-working average guy who, with the help of his friends, will do anything to survive. Turn the pages and run down Frankie’s dark and thorny path. Only your light will drive out his darkness.

Order From Chaos

Order From Chaos is a dark, dystopian thriller that unfolds WWIII and the Great Reset.

Rising from the ashes of nuclear Armageddon, President Tom Clacher promises a New World Order to bring forth peace and freedom and stability. But the Deep State is plotting. An ambitious politician is secretly building her army of allies. Globalist puppet masters are pulling her strings. False flag attacks and incrementalism are both crucial to the blueprint they worship.

In small-town Minnesota, Frank Buccetti hopes to survive the cold nuclear winter of lawlessness with his ride-or-die friends at his side. He loves his country, but rumors of a tyrannical shadow government give him delusions of conspiracy.

After a sudden change of power, the new regime grows more and more oppressive and genocidal. Buccetti urgently wants to defend freedom at any cost. And so do his friends. But they're grossly outmatched. Checkmate is near.

Nick Campanella's Order from Chaos is the stand-alone sequel to Path of Affliction. This chilling story smoothly intertwines the worlds of small-town patriots and a cabal of ruthless oligarchs. A collision course is imminent, and the future of the free world is teetering in the balance.

Will there be a purge of the tyrants or a thousand-year Reich?

Devoid of Light

Coming in 2024

Devoid of Light

This hard-hitting psychological crime thriller is a story about a 38-year-old man who is desperate to punish five people who did him wrong in the past.

A few days after his twenty-year high school reunion, Caleb Hunt finds a sturdy cardboard box on his doorstep. Upon opening the flaps, he finds his best friend's severed head. The shockwave of pain knocks him to the floor. His quaking fingers struggle to dial 911.

The cops are clueless until the forensic report delivers a name. A person of interest is arrested and held without bail. The investigation comes to a halt. They got their man!

Meanwhile, boxes with body parts keep turning up. Five in total. The receivers of the boxes are concerned, but not afraid. Not prepared. Until one of them disappears.

One man on his list has a hunch, but the cops inform him that the person he named—was killed in Afghanistan. A fallen hero.

If the last man standing wants to live, he better get himself a gun, because he is on the list. And the mad doctor has no limits to his cruelty. He will do what it takes to get what he wants.

Campanella's third book is about revenge and survival. Hate. Love. And the fate of a nation.

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